Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Family

My parents, Hajjah Rohani and Hj Ramli (Allahyarham) My children, Syamimi, Radzman and Radzlan

Me and my wife during our Haj 2008 / 1429 Hijra

Assalamualaikum wbt

This is the picture of my beloved family. Me and my wife Salmi and our 3 children i.e. Syamimi the eldest, born on March 6, 1992, followed by Radzlan, born on December 12, 1995 and the youngest, Radzman born on October 19, 2000.

The photo of myself and my wife Salmi was taken somewhere in December 2008 and behind us is the great mosque "Nabawi". Under the green "Kubah" lies our beloved prophet Muhamad saw "Makam" and his 2 sahabat and beside these "makam" lies one of the garden of paradise, the "Raudah". It was during our Haj 1429 Hijrah. Remembering the sweet memories of "Raudah", we set this blog title "My Sweet Rawdah".
The other photo is my beloved parents, Hajjah Rohani and my late father Allahyarham Hj Ramli (passed away last year in 2008)

Thank Allah for all his blessings and nikmat that we could not pay back and only by following His guidance and the sunnah of our prophet Muhamad saw. May Allah bless us always.

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