Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I arrived at the Prescott Hotel in Kajang as early as 6.50 pm (13/10/09) with Baskar. The dinner is scheduled to be at 7.00 pm. It was the Reunion of former Hitachi Consumer Products (M) Sdn. Bhd. staff and welcoming our former MD, Mr Ogasawara and his wife. They are on a vacation trip to Malaysia.
Among those who were present were Hj Mashan Jalil (he recruited me to join HCPM) my former boss, Mohamad Ghalim, Kumar, Ravi, Leong, Wesley, CP Ng, Zaiton, Yati, Ija, CY Lee, Jumiati, Kong, MY Lim and many others.

The dinner was good and we chat all the way through the dinner session.

I still remember I joined HCPM in 1993 as an Executive and during my tenure I was the first staff to be temporary transfererrd to HAPM in 1997 to 1999 and later when I joined back HCPM, I was promoted to the Managerial post. I left HCPM in 2005 for after 12 years of service.

There are many sweet memories that I cherished along these years with Hitachi. HCPM taught me alot to be a mature person in terms of how to work, learning the Japanese way of working style, how to respect other people in terms of opinion etc and finally how to manage.

Those days my job scope covers the Newsletter, the SGA group, Annual Dinner, Sports Activities, the canteen, the general assembly, the transportation, the hostel, the JKK (later the In House Union) meaning all aspect of employees relation and human relations.

With that tight schedule and high expectation actually a learning ground to me and all of the team joining the dinner tonight as what we are today.

I still remember my former bosses such as Mr Tsukiyama, En Jamel, Mr Ishii, Mr Nitsu, Mr Ishikawa, Mr Mizuno and many others and at the peak our employees is around 2,000 headcounts.

I had also the opportunity to visit Japan in 1995 and 2003...during SGA activities and later the AOTS training. I learned the song "Sukiyaki" when I was in CKC and I still remember the song until now.

We cherished all that moments in HCPM as it was the "playground" for us...we stumble, fall, stand etc.

Now it is all in our memories that we shall keep it deep inside our heart.

Hj Rose Ady Hj Ramli
Bandar Baru Bangi
14 October 2009

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